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Eight features smart security socket

1, static, that is, when the socket is not used, the socket has no power output, panel light tube is not bright, to achieve "often without electricity" form.
2, using "often without electricity" form, in the process of plugging the electrical appliances, the arc phenomenon is not generated, greatly improving the socket service life And safety degree.
3, with temperature control function, when the socket internal due to overload and other causes of temperature rise to 55 degrees Celsius, the socket automatically cut off Power Supply。
4. At this time, the electrode and the power supply in the socket is completely off the state, and has high safety.
5, pull out the plug, the socket immediately cut off, the panel led off, to restore the "often without electricity" form.
6, in the process of power supply, such as power outages, and then call to pull out the plug and then plug into the socket can be normal power supply.
7, dynamic, that is, when the electrical (load) plug into the socket, the socket panel light emitting tube, socket output power, electrical power
8, the socket is powered, only with the load plug or pull out of the relevant, belong to the insertion of electricity, unplug the power form.
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