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Hidden type switch socket wiring box on the desktop

Equipped with hidden desktop socket SHIFT key, the key is used together with the corresponding series switch is connected with the junction box free remote images and sound, so as to achieve the advantages of convenient and fast.
We should pay attention to the use and installation of the following matters:
1) the key trigger button, in the process of communication, from the key to success, a moment of things, so, press this button, does not need a continuous or long time press this button.
2) this button is not pressed the button locking device, namely, image and audio can switch.
1) SHIFT key box above two core equipment, digital editing
2) cable cable controller provides a control port (2 core), light outlet (2 cores), SHIFT key connection box is connected with the top in numerical order and controller
3) junction box as part of a sequence and switch input link above
4) image and sound output connected to the display
5) power cable controller
6) press the SHIFT key junction box, 7) test after the test, a reasonable line label.
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