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The test build perfect hidden desktop socket

The hidden desktop socket test is to identify whether the performance can meet the standard requirements, but also to make materials for product design and development. Electrical performance, environmental performance, mechanical performance testing.
Electrical properties including high voltage testing, insulation resistance, contact resistance between the shells, electrical continuity, permeability measurements. This is mainly for the detection of socket resistance in normal voltage current and other properties.
Environmental performance test:
Salt spray: the purpose was to determine the influence of multimedia accessories in salt solution spray the degree
Fire: the fire testing capacity in certain flame temperatures

Hidden desktop socket The mechanical performance test:
Impact test: in the process of transportation, suitable for daily use of force
Vibration: to determine the effect of vibration frequency range in the main belt of random vibration and the amplitude of the
The contact piece is fixed: fixed check all connectors, contact copper

Hidden desktop socket test contents and methods of examination and approval standards are a series of specifications, and meet the market demand. There is a need to be able to come to Foshan to buy Audio shibol electronic technology.
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