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The advantage of hidden desktop socket

Use of a wide range of multimedia outlets, hotels, offices, conference rooms and other places. The office is commonly divided into several types, including Hidden desktop socket Is the most classic and most popular.
A multifunctional line box and a multimedia interface, audio and video system is a desktop socket desk. The construction team according to the project budget, according to the user need, function integrated wiring easy to develop multifunction specific. However, market connections are network interface (RJ-45), telephone interface (RJ-11), USB, audio and video transmission interface. These are all need to know Detailed information .
So, it's What are the advantages ?
The 1 panel is the drawing processing, should be beautiful than ordinary socket.
2 customized, multi functional combination.
3 materials affordable, low cost.
4 high production technology, from custom to production time is short.
5 compact socket, can clean the office environment.
Needs a period of time from customization to production, you can at this time to think about how to use safety. From Installation of hidden desktop socket And in terms of security, a comprehensive understanding of.
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