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Five main features of intelligent safety socket

1, new concept:
The electric power supply often "into" no electricity power supply.
2, high security features,:
In often no electricity because of the socket, socket plug insertion process does not produce arc (i.e. no sparkle), greatly reducing the fire
The hidden trouble, because it is often not the form of electricity even if people inadvertently touch the socket electrode, will not cause the electric shock hazard, ensure personal Safety.
3, the characteristics of high intelligence:
Automatically identify whether the socket has load access, automatic identification of the working status of the load. Is the plug into the power outlet automatically
Power, pull out the plug automatically power off; load work continues to power supply, the load does not work automatically power off. Completely solve the security problems and eliminate completely
In addition to the standby power consumption problem, the real realization of the safety and energy saving effect.
4, the characteristics of the human:
The application of intelligent technology and often without electricity in the form of the safety guarantee, truly people-oriented products
Humanity, make our life and work more comfortable and more convenient, and better improve the quality of life.
5, energy saving and environmental protection:
The intelligent socket, can eliminate electrical standby power consumption, save a lot of power for the country, less for families and businesses
The expenses, greatly reduce carbon emissions, reduce air pollution, realize the green environmental protection.
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