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Purchase errors hidden desktop socket panel

Appear on the desktop office Hidden desktop socket It is produced by the manufacturer, the production process is to assemble parts. Simply put, is required for assembly parts can be made up. For the manufacturers may misunderstand in the purchase of the panel, the following common errors: a misunderstanding: the appearance and safety
Some businesses in order to attract the attention of consumers, deliberately product appearance dressed in eye-catching fashion. However, it is interesting, but there are hidden dangers this beautiful appearance. Hidden desktop socket products now, consumers only pay attention to whether the durability, safety, do not focus on appearance. Manufacturers should know: the appearance and safety, security is a priority.
Misunderstanding two: pursuing a low price
The domestic market has been covered with dark clouds, copycat, inferior products. The quality of the brand "socket is good, durable, high safety, worthy of belief." Consumer to business praise, are derived from the quality of the product, and quality is the fundamental material assembly decided. Businesses should use panel materials, to produce good products, good reputation.
Misunderstanding three: electrical safety knowledge is weak
Some consumers believe that their electronic product quality, you can feel at ease to use. In fact, this is not the correct understanding. in use Hidden desktop socket When the panel quality affects the performance of contact connector. If the panel is not good, it is possible to make the whole paralysis can not use socket. Consumers often do not take into account the problems, will cause the electric accident.
Both businesses and consumers, in the purchase of Hidden desktop socket The panel, there will be a possibility of going astray. As long as the correct understanding, careful selection, naturally, misunderstanding of collapse of itself.
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