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Hidden desktop socket on the structure design

The structure of science, advanced technology products, multi-functional switch, feel good, smooth, no plug socket panel on the use of brute force, the force is uniform, that is Hidden desktop socket The basic characteristics of.
Manufacturers in the design of a desktop socket, the socket is considered Price The cost, also pay attention to quality, but there are a lot of attention:
1: product design panel panel good smooth and no obvious flaws, uniform color, texture clear, behind the production of the brand logo.
Connect 2 socket inside: screw pressing, double plate clamp, fast connection and pressure plate.
(1) screw pressing connection: suitable for different diameter multi line parallel, belongs to the traditional way, with the electrician. Most manufacturers are using this method, but some brand manufacturers have successfully solved the loss brought by the screw and wire contact. From this perspective, in order to design a good hidden desktop socket, some manufacturers still can do small details of the structural design.
(2) double plate clamp line is the same as a module of the first parallel method is correct, but there are technical difficulties.
(3) the main method of fast connection using a combination of multi leaf spring pressing plate, rapid construction speed, not afraid of strong rotation, multi line parallel.
(4) nail plate pressure mode is a new connection way long before the main function, wiring and miniature circuit breaker is basically the same, but its share of more space behind.
Pay attention to the structure design, a good appearance and powerful, creating hidden desktop socket.
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