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Application examples of hidden desktop socket

Hidden desktop socket Is the multimedia products, with modern business office functions. For power equipment, audio and video transmission, data transmission, networking and other services. Solve the daily work of office use notebook computer trouble. When not in use can be hidden, make work easier, with high working efficiency.
Office use multifunctional desktop socket example:
The notebook computer is on the desk in the office supplies, power line, the notebook computer and the cable into the wall socket or RJ-45 socket, this traditional method is not suitable for the modern office. If it is installed. Hidden desktop socket It is more convenient to solve the problem, the length of the cable office, keep your desk neat and beautiful.
Multifunctional meeting room is provided with a plurality of multifunction examples:
The meeting room is modernization has multiple functions, powered by the projection stereo sound system, a staff only need to put personal laptop to the system, you can enjoy the convenience of multi function. But if it is not convenient to install, each position can be in conference rooms Hidden desktop socket And this can be understood as the office desk to the conference room, meeting room just a lot of desk.
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